A minimum of 3 days’ notice is requested for all orders.

Catering delivery is available Monday – Friday between 11:00am – 7:00pm. Additional charges may apply for morning or weekend deliveries.

Our delivery requirement is 10% of the subtotal at an $18 minimum. For locations outside of Ames, an additional $30 will be charged.

Menu items and pricing are subject to market variables.

Pricing does not include the 7% sales tax.

We have gluten-free options available.

The minimum order for the mini sandwich and/or deli buffet is 12 people with 24 pieces. We can increase the amount to whatever is needed.

Bulk sides for easy buffet style lunches include pasta salad, chips, fruit salad, and salad green.

For catering desserts, we offer fresh bakery cookies and bars. They can be boxed or on trays (additional charge for tray). For whole cakes or individual/mini desserts for larger events, please contact us directly to discuss pricing and availability.

For all catering inquiries, please contact us by phone: (515) 292-2135 or email:

We provide disposable napkins, forks, and wet naps for each order, while non-disposable options may include plates, serving utensils, etc. upon request for an additional charge.

We suggest contacting Celebrations Party Rental of Ames for tables, linens, china, glasses, and decorations if your event requires so.